Choosing the Right Hair Loss Solution

Most men will have to deal with some degree of hair loss during their lives. For many, this will happen later in life and, just as with greying hair and wrinkles, they accept it as part of the aging process. We may not like it, but it’s a fact of life! For others though, hair loss can start much earlier, resulting in lack of confidence, embarrassment and even, in severe cases, depression. It has certainly become more acceptable in recent times for men to shave their heads as a way to deal with the problem and indeed, for some, this can be a great look and an ideal solution. Others though will want to find a way not only to keep the hair they have but also replace any lost hair, particularly if it makes them look old beyond their years. So, where exactly does one start to find the best solution?
The Overflowing Marketplace
The good news is, there are now more treatments than ever to help solve the problem of hair loss – the bad news is, it can be impossible to know exactly which one to choose! From over-the-counter treatments and prescription medications to surgical procedures and cosmetic applications, the market is overflowing with products, all competing for your attention and, of course, your hard-earned cash. While there are inevitably going to be some products that are simply ‘too good to be true’, a large number of products do work as well as they claim. Of course, there is no one ‘miracle’ cure for hair loss, but the problem can be drastically reduced and, to some degree, prevented in the first place with the right products.
Finding the Perfect Formula
It’s important to first identify the reason for the hair loss – it could be due to a medication or medical condition. If this is the case, the best place to start is by consulting your doctor. If your health is otherwise good and the hair loss is due to age or genes, it is worth checking out some of the latest hair products on the market. While some men may not feel comfortable doing so, getting some recommendations from your buddies who have gone through the same thing is a great idea, although be aware that what worked for your friend may not always work as well for you. You should also decide if you prefer to go the more natural route in terms of hair product – the interest in herbal, organic treatments has led to some wonderfully effective brands being widely available. Using natural, scalp-stimulating herbs such as mint, tea tree oil and rosemary, they encouraging the growth of new, strong hair follicles. If you decide a more mainstream medical approach is needed, you should look for a product that incorporates a substance such as Minoxidil, a well-known, proven hair loss treatment.
Of course, even the best hair loss solution is going to take time to work, so it’s wise to start using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for thinning hair in the meantime. The most effective products will be those that use Keratin to repair and nourish the existing hair and Wheat Protein to thicken the hair shaft, adding overall volume. There’s never been a better selection of hair loss products available to men – choose the right product and the dreaded comb-over will be a thing of the past!

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